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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
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we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. fewer crashes and red light tickets. the difference less than a second has made at one bay area intersection. the jurors have been chosen. what they had to say about judging barry bonds. >> is the t-mobile and at&t merger good for customers? what it means for you. i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the day off. a new round of strikes from coalition forces rained down on tripoli. >> the united states is working quickly to hand the reigns of this mission over to the european allies. mark phillips shows us some warn that this campaign is creating new enemies for the
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west. >> reporter: of altogether targets that have been hit in these attacks this flattened building in the gaddafi compound in tripoli is one they claimed about the most. they say this attack was launched to kill him. despite the hundreds of people who have been gathered around the complex to provide protection. >> family, children, men and women have come from everywhere to stay day and night to protect this location. to protect this location. and the rockets hit only 50 to 100 meeter away from them. >> reporter: gaddafi himself was probably not in his tent. he hasn't been seen since before the bombing began, his location a secret. his tv speeches threatening a long war have been played out over a shot of the monument to the last american attack here in 1986. as nervous libyan gunners have been hosing down the sky with antiaircraft fire for the third
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night running, those enforcing the un resolution have had to explain that the libyan leader himself is not a target. to the libyans who support muammar gaddafi, though, attacking him they say only makes him stronger. >> you would create millions and millions of monsters, because these people, half of them ready to day and the other half to be created as monsters against america. >> reporter: with the u.s. and others providing effective air cover for the rebels the pro gaddafi forces have fallen back. but the still-out gunned and disorganized rebel forces have not been able to mount a significant offensive of their own. mark phillips, cbs news, tripoli. today they are back in the japan's crippled nuclear plant trying to get it stopped. smoke forced an evacuation again today.
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they have discovered some cooling pumps were destroyed in the tsunami and earthquake so they are racing to bring in new pumps. it is stabilizing but it could be weeks before it is under control, they say. a fremont man has saved drivers a whole lot of money and he may have just spared you from a red light ticket. as kiet do shows us it all started over a beef at the red light camera. >> reporter: a red light camera used to be the top money-maker in fremont. that is until roger jones helped to put the brakes on it. >> these things are not doing what we want them to do and there's better ways to accomplish this. >> reporter: last year jones complained to caltrans that the left-turn yellow light was too short. caltrans took a look and found no problem but, while they were out here, they noticed cars were coming off the freeway pretty fast and needed more time to stop. so according to this email in november they, instead, changed
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the yellow light for straight through traffic from 4.3 to 5 seconds flat. you feel like you won? >> today, here, yeah. >> reporter: with an extra .7 seconds to make it through the intersection something surprising happened. the number of red light tickets went down dramatically. >> it's averaging about 280 per month, then all of a sudden this november it's only 180. why is that? december 136. even less. january 132. february came out at 133. >> 133 here is a look at the data. look at the number of driving tickets drop, at that pace the city is set to lose $170,000 a year moving this camera from first place to fifth. it's unclear if accidents went up, fremont police didn't answer our calls, but they said before the cameras work. he isn't convinced saying the cameras are more about money
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than safety. >> nobody admits they are so popular because it's the revenue to the city that drives the whole thing. >> kiet do in fremont tonight. >> perjury trial of former slugger barry bonds get under way today. the jury will decide whether he lied to a federal grand jury back in 2003. he has denied using steroids, that was to a grand jury looking into whether bal co labs sold performance enhancing drugs. the judge told them in the to watch tv, reed newspapers, facebook, twitter, all of it during the course of the trial. >> it's about finding 12 people who will do exactly what their job is which is to pay attention to the evidence presented to them vetted by cross-examination which nothing else has up until today. so these people are going to be the true experts in this case. we want them to be that. >> >> the first witness is scheduled tomorrow. sit bond's personal trainer greg anderson. he is expected to refuse to
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testify, as he has all along, and then he would be jailed for the duration of this four-week trial. other bay area headlines, opening statements got underway in oakland this afternoon in the murder trial of you save' iv and mackie. they are accused of ordering the killing of chauncey bailey. he had written news articles critical of the founder of your black muslim bakery. now the key witness will be the convicted gunman, broussard, who worked at the bakery. a teenager shot outside hasan josi restaurant has died. ruben cortez was taken off life support yesterday. surveillance video caught the suspected shooter running from the scene on south bass come avenue. so far no arrests, police have not identified any suspects. they do say the shooting may have been gang related. parents have some new recommendations to follow when it comes to keeping kids safe in the car. elizabeth cook on why it may
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mean keeping older children in that car seat or booster a little longer than they might want. >> reporter: with four kids under 8 years old the hill family is no stranger to car seats, however, they thought the latest guidelines from the american academy of pete i can't tell rickets were more scary than safe. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: why? >> it is going to make driving miserable. >> reporter: one of the aap guidelines has children riding rear-facing until age 2 or until they reach the maximum weight and height of their seat. >> our 21-year-old has seizures sometimes, fever al seizures, it will spike and we can't even see her. >> reporter: the new policy comes after finding the risk of injury to front-facing children is five times greater than those in front facing seats. it is going to raise a few eyebrows on the playground. it says children must be a
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booster seat until they are 4 feet 9" tall and between 8 and 12 years old. would you sit in a booster seat. >> no. >> fit your child properly. when your child can sit all the way back into the seat with knees bent not slouch and have the shoulder push and go around the middle of the chest and the lap portion of the seatbelt around the thighs. >> a lot of times if you're not 4-foot 9 people tend to ride up too high, the seatbelts ride on their face or neck. these kids won't sit in their booster seats anyways, they try to get out on their own. they think they are too big anyway. >> reporter: other parents however are more than willing to take the extra precautions. >> the more studies that come out, and the more we know, the safer it's going to be for our kids. >> these don't just apply to the very young. changes have been made affecting tweens. they recommend kids up to 13 years old always ride in the rear of the car. >> yeah, good luck with that.
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teenager. but what if i'm an adult and 4- foot 9? they are going to have to come up with some manufacturing changes. >> yeah, they are going to change the way seatbelts are made maybe even the way the seats are made. >> we'll see. otherwise we'll have a lot of unhappy children and parents. >> already it looks like. >> elizabeth, thank you. it is a major merger. what at&t and t-mobile coming together means for customers. same old story on san francisco's mid-market street. can it be saved by twitter? why critics say it is not worth the price. well everybody has been tweeting about it. the number of days it has rained so far in the month of march. and the number of days it will still rain this month. still rain this month. we'll this one works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around. [ sigh ] too bad you're not buying car insurance. like that's easy. oh, it is. progressive direct showed me their rates
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and the rates of their competitors. i saved hundreds when switching. we could use hundreds. yeah. wake up and smell the savings. out there with a better way.
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what do you get when you combine the united states' second and fourth largest wireless carriers? well that is what has many customers worried as they wait for this appropriate merger of at&t and t-mobile. why some say this deal has potential benefits as well as the draw backs. grace? >> reporter: that's right allen, take a good look at this t-mobile sign behind me because it could become a collector's item in the near future. whether you're a t-mobile customer or an at&t customer this merger really means different things for different customers, it all depends on your perspective and your priorities. when you get ready to reach out and touch someone you may have
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fewer choices. at&t could soon merge with t- mobile in a $39 billion arranged marriage. but what does this mean for millions of consumers? first, the good news. at&t says the merger saved it 5 to 10 years of building towers. >> and consumers are, like in this area, are gonna have about another 33% of cell sites to work into. >> all those t-mobile towers are now your users if you're an at&t utaher. you have a lot of towers. odds are good it's going to have a better signal and fewer drops. >> reporter: t-mobile customer should get the same benefit of increased coverage and at&t offers more phone choices they'll have more options. but there could be some draw- backs in pricing for them. >> of the biggies, t-mobile is your value price. you tend to get a little better pricing, more for your buck. that's not going to be the case. at&t is known as being a high-
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dollar sophisticated package carrier, they are not going to want to carry those customer at their low rates. >> reporter: but they deny monthly charges will be higher across the board because it still has to compete. >> if we want customer to choose us we're going to have to be competitive, have good plans, the best plan, or they are gonna choose somebody else. we don't want that to happen, grace. >> reporter: while you may be wondering if your friends will be able to hear you now, or in the future, the truth is at&t may need this merger. >> your little phone is fighting with a lot of other products and the growth rate is stung in the years ahead. at&t had to do this to get more capacity for everything. not just dealing with calls. >> reporter: so if you are thinking about time frame it's going to be a while because at&t's board has approved this massive deal but they still have to get the approval of the shareholders as well as the fdc, they need regulatory approval for something this big. if you're an at&t customer and
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you're wondering when the coverage is going to get better probably about a year. you'll have to wait long tore get those fewer dropped calls. >> there will be four new iphones by then. a year? >> reporter: at least. >> at least. grace lee. a dozen families are stuck in their homes tonight, it happened in scots valley on nelson road near sky meadow. it's a pretty remote area in the santa cruz mountains. chopper 5 got these pictures earlier today. the county says it will not have this mess cleared up at least until tomorrow. hundreds of people were escorted out of yosemite national park today after a major snowstorm forced the closure of all roads in and out of the valley. that storm dumped more than 3 1/2 feet of snow in just 24 hours. the roads are clogged with snow, mudslides, and fallen trees. power is out across yosemite valley. park officials say they expect the roads will remain closed tomorrow. we've got more storms, more
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rain, coming our way. let's go to roberta, find out what we've got. >> reporter: at this hour we have a little lull in the activity. as the clouds begin to break up we'll see temperatures take a huge nose-dive. in fact we're forecasting and projecting 36 trees overnight in santa rosa, mid-30s in throughout the tri-valley. mid-40s santa clara valley. mid-40s across the central bay. 42 redwood city. tomorrow morning if it looks like you're going to be leaving the house and not returning until towards later portion of your afternoon or early evening hours, well, then grab an umbrella. we have more rain moving into the bay area. in fact this is an area of low pressure that has sane direct nose-dive towards the west coast. in fact if it feels like it has been range for quite some time in the bay area, you're right. i've tallied it up. so far we have had 16 out of 21 rainy days this month of march. by friday we'll have 20 out of 25 days. that's because we have yet another area of low pressure. it is right on the hills of the passage of this weekend and
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today's storm system, in fact pinpoint forecast paints the picture like this. i believe it's moving in a little bit too quickly for my taste but nevertheless you get a good flavor for the rain once it begins. it is going to take a while before it dies down. in fact, on wednesday we have a second impulse that is going to roll in with the passage of this front so we could see up to about, by let's say tuesday night to about thursday morning, 2 1/2" of rain. what locations? highest advisory still remains in effect until tomorrow morning. some of the surf waves are breaking 15 to 18 feet on the north and east beaches. the winds that below out of the south, 10 to 20 miles per hour, but once the rain does begin the winds will ramp up ahead of it and we'll see some of those wind gust up to 35 miles per hour during the evening hours. we could see a whole handful of problems by tomorrow night. urban small stream flood
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advisories, wind watches perhaps, it looks like a more potent powerful storm rolls into the bay area thursday with at least a couple more inches of rain by friday night after we see stray showers. we could see up to 6 or possibly even 7" of rain here in the bay area by weekend. that leaves a whole lot of hydro problems. unsettled weathers continue saturday through monday. right now we have a hint of a computer model that does allude to a possibility of high pressure building in by mid- week next week and that does reflect that we could have some sunshine. and boy do we need it, especially along the coast, where we have had a battering. isn't this a good picture. >> yes. >> thank you for this picture from richardson bay. a nose renewed there. she grabbed the camera. again we're not out of the woods in, in fact we're getting to the thick of things by the beginning of the week. >> hi tied overnight.
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>> and a high tide, then no place else for this rainwater to go. >> i have a place for it to go. >> easy. easy. >> family show. ,,,,,,,,
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brought to you by new rapid rewards, southwest airlines. no black out dates. governor brown has a new youtube video. he is asking californians for help to get a tax extension on the june ballot. >> let me know, let your legislators know, would you like the chance to cast this vote or would you feel it's appropriate to shutout the people of california? >> all right. now no republicans support the governor's budget plan but 5 gop state senators have been in talks with governor brown and other democratic leaders. the state is facing a nearly $27 billion shortfall. well the web site where users speak their minds in 140 characters or less is 5 years old today and if some county supervisors have their way twitter will spend the next 6 years or so at a new headquarters. plans are underway to offer a payroll tax cut that add up to
2:01 am
$4 million a year and critics are calling it a corporate give away. supporters say it is worth it? well it doesn't cost us anything if we move out of the city and we know for sure they have stated in writing and in public if we don't do this they are going to move to the south bay. >> reporter: supporters say the move will also help improve a stretch of market street. twitter expects to hire more than 2,000 workers in the next two years. a former san francisco giant is offering some serious cash to get his dog back. orlando is a paid a and his wife lost their dog, alfalfa, while in arizona for giants spring training. and now they are putting up 2 grand in cash, first-class tickets to san francisco, three nights at the fairmont, and two tickets to any giants game in exchange for their missing pup. >> he is ours. we love that dog so much. >> this is my baby. i want my baby back. >> the is a paid as may have
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gotten a break. a couple in new mexico called them today in response to an ad on craigslist. they'll find out tomorrow if it's really alfalfa. claude vanderveer, basketball player turns wrestler. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," " " " " "s
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brought to you by mercedes benz. located on the web at stanford's rose in the final four continued tonight
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where history was made at naples pavilion, we'll take you inside the pregame huddle. [ yelling ] >> right here right now [ cheering and applause ] >> after trailing 22-14 the cardinal come back. with the steel, track meet to the rack, stanford is down by 8, led by 8 at half time. it was all stanford in the second half. this time it's the oldest, the red storm did not have an answer for ogwumike. she muscles in. then the senior kayla peterson caps a 21-0 run. they win 75-49, they are headed to the sweet 16. for some reason kim coyle was the only tv reporter on site. >> thanks dennis. if you look up the phrase "home court advantage in the dictionary" you'll find a picture of the stanford seniors. they went a perfect 63-0 at naples pavilion during their four years on the farm. >> we have never had that feeling of a loss while we have
2:06 am
played at home. i don't even know what it would feel like. i know it would feel awful. >> obviously i'm disappointed our season came to an end but it came to an end at the hands of i think one of the best teams in the country. >> i took an extra look around and saw naples packed and saw all the fans sharing. it was a special moment. >> definitely something i was so happy to be a part of and i look up to them because i like to do that too. our seniors have led the way in so many ways even as juniors and sophomores and i think it's great that they were able to accomplish something like that. >> reporter: the cardinal will take on north carolina in the sweet 16 and the seniors will look to extend another streak. they are now two wins away from becoming the first group at stanford to go to four straight final fours. at naples pavilion, kim coyle, cbs5 sports. >> great job kim. we have a shocker. gone zag a opportunities third-
2:07 am
seed ucla 89-75. that's big. second round of the wnit the cal women lose by 16 to colorado. they finish the year 18-16. after tonight's game against the warriors one spurs player put it this way. we're not goin' anywhere in the playoffs without tim duncan. it was a major scare for san antonio tonight. he sinks his hook shot but keep his eye on his ankle. he landed on ekpe udoh's foot, a sprained ankle. he had 15 points and 7 rebounds. but even without duncan it was all spurs. they squeak through. then manny ginobili steals. coast to coast, a game-high 28. the warriors only had 9 road wins all season. like like the giants hosting the rockies, although he struck out four timmy wasn't very good today, gave up 5 runs in 2 2/3. the game was rained out just
2:08 am
before the end of the top of the third. the rockies were leading 5-0 at the time. and you know what i have tonight, this is pretty good. >> what? >> we can have fun. vanderveer is not just a great basketball coach but we have uncovered her latest gold medal sport. >> i'm like this, looks good. come on riley, bring it on. ♪[ music ] [ laughter ] >> tar vanderveer, roll 'em over, show them the lights as we used to say in wrestling. this is a talent that i did not know existed. >> uh-huh. >> but you know the great think about vanderveer is she can laugh at herself and have a good time. all the while i think she had a good move. a good take-down, put him on the mat, show him the lights, a pin for vanderveer. >> she was smiling. >> she is headed to the sweet 16. >> i'm so glad we were there. >> yeah.
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i don't ,,,,,,,,

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